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By the wonderful ShaQuaVara :heart:

To tag 13 people...hmm...
Lingondraken, GoldenWingedAngel....I don't really know anyone else off-hand who is active and wasn't tagged already, but feel free to do this! The invitation is open.

1. For how long do you draw now? And how often?
I've been drawing since I could hold a pencil, and I have distinct memories of that day. I was 4 years old. So...19 years? Not bad for a 22 year old, I guess. I draw nearly every day, in some form or other, though recently it's been more note doodles than actual finished pieces due to schoolwork. With my job this summer I haven't had a lot of down time to do so, but I chip away at bigger works. Most have been posted.

2. What's the part that you struggle most with? And how do you deal with it?
I struggle with dynamic poses and backgrounds. I love nature so much, and want to do Her justice so badly, but it just flops every time XD I don't have the eye for suggesting detail rather than literally portraying it, and my lighting skills leave much to be desired. I get brave enough to try, and it works out ok, but it never turns out how I want it to. For poses, well...I draw flowy lines and hope they go somewhere =P 

3. What's your current favourite drawing/painting/other piece of art and what's your least favourite one? (you may link it)
Current favourite:
A Tale of Outer Suburbia II by ElementalShifter
I just love how the stylized background turned out, and how vivid the colours are.

Least favourite:
If I Know Only One Thing... by ElementalShifter
It's just...messy, and not at all representative of the feeling I was going for.

4. Do you draw just for fun or is it your job/do you study it?
I considered making it my career path, but then realized that it would take more inspiration than I had to give, and would bleed my spirit dry. So, it's just a hobby, but in many ways, it's my medium through which I keep in touch with myself. If I'm not drawing regularly, chances are I'm not doing well.

5. Any favourite artist?
Ohhhh boy...well, I've always adored Bev Doolittle, and her horse paintings. I honestly think she's the reason I fell in love with aspen trees. On the online community, I love the work of ShaQuaVara, yuumei, and jesterry. There's so many more, but those are the ones that come to mind right now.

6. What's your spirit animal?
First off, I want to say that I disapprove of this term being as trivialized as it has been. For example, seeing someone doing something you can relate to and calling them your "spirit animal" or other such nonsense is incredibly disrespectful towards Indigenous and Native American groups who actively use the term to describe a part of their spirituality, which has been violently marginalized and repressed for centuries. It's wrong to just bandy a term about, that people have died for the right to use in earnest, for cheap amusement. So people throwing it around to be trendy or funny rubs me entirely the wrong way.  

But, I do have animals that come to me in dreams and in real life to point me in the right direction when I'm lost. The most powerful ones are the Horse, Wolf, Dragon, and Magpie.

7. Is there something you absolutely love/hate in this world?
I love pretty much everything about the world. If it's alive, I love it, in a way that doesn't approach the kind of love I've felt for other people. Earth will always be my support and my refuge.

The only things on my shit-list are deliberately harmful people and possibly ticks. I HATE those things. Like. Why???

8. Future or history, what do you think is more interesting and why?
Both are fascinating, but history has always had a kind of romantic appeal to me that makes me feel grounded. I know, I know, there is nothing new under the sun and things are, more or less, how they have always been, but stories fascinate me, and history is chalk full of them.

The future? It hasn't been written yet, and things can always go any which way, and so it is intriguing, but not more than the past, in my mind. Whatever will be, will be.

9. If you could choose your own superpower, what would it be?
I've always thought shapeshifting would be pretty damn nifty. 

10. If you had 3 free wishes, what would you wish for?
1. For my friends to stop suffering, for those who do
2. For people to realize that everything, absolutely everything, is connected and that whatever harm we inflict will ultimately come back on us
3. For a horse. Yep, that's it.

11. What was your best experience here on DA?
Meeting the friends that have stayed with me for years and years, guiding me and keeping me company through thick and thin <3

12. ....and what was the worst?
There was one time someone took it upon themselves to harass me and my friends. That sucked. I was like 15 though, so I don't think my reaction to it now would be the same.

13. How do you think the world will look like in about 100 years?
Honestly? I'm not terribly optimistic. Either society has to change the way it operates, or Earth will change it for us, and since humans are such champions at agreeing on things despite differences, I'm thinking the natural hammer will fall long before we pull our heads out of our collective asses. Even humans can't evade natural carrying capacity, however hard we try.
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  • Reading: The Tao of Equus
  • Drinking: Raspberry lemonade



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Aurasyr Freespirit
Artist | Student | Traditional Art
Previously serpentscorch3422 and SerpentScorch.

Artist, student, dreamer, optimist, biophiliac.


The Enduring Storm
A gift for my friend, ShaQuaVara. She's been having a rough time lately, and she gives so much of her time to others, so I figured I'd give something this time. 

To the strongest and most remarkable Soul I know :heart:

Art (c) ElementalShifter
Character (c) ShaQuaVara

DO NOT use this image or this character without the express permission of either myself or Sha Qua. It is not an open resource picture.
Song of the Stars
"We are the stars which sing
We sing with our light
We are the birds of fire
We fly over the sky

Our light is a voice
We make a road for the spirit to pass over
For the spirit to pass over

We are like the wind
Wrapped in lumious wings
We make a road for the spirit to pass over
For the spirit to pass over

Outò, ba mwen son ou,e
Outò, ba mwen son ou,e
Tanbouyè, o ba mwen son ou
Solèy lève

Outò, give me your sound
Outò, give me your sound
Drummer, give me your sound
The sun rises

~Song of the Stars, Dead Can Dance (from an Algonquin Shamanic chant)…

I highly recommend you listen to this song. It is lengthy, but it's an incredible journey.

I was listening to this song one night as I was falling asleep, and this popped into my head. It's Aurasyr and Maha, in their hoofed forms, and they were running through the sky, playing and dancing in a way that only hoofed animals can. Maha led, spreading the darkness peppered with stars, with Auras following behind, the Lights spreading out behind her, dancing and shining. 

This iteration of equine Aurasyr is more accurate than the last two I've shown. Something about watercolours always speaks truer to me, and how I saw her in this vision felt so much more right. Her mane is not straight brown, it only appears so when it's flipped up by the wind. On the exterior, it's a deep blue that's nearly black, and her tail is the same. The horns are as they appear on her other state. I'll do a ref up at some point.

Art and characters © ElementalShifter
Do not re-post, redistribute, or claim as your own in any way. 



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